• Melayway Glass Associates

    Bespoke Minimalist Glazing and Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

    Melaway Glass Associates specialise in the design and supply of stunning minimalist glass door systems and frameless sliding glass doors for clients working on commercial projects and for private clients.

    Based on the Berkshire and Surrey border to the west of London, we work with a range of clients from architects to main building contractors. Providing a range of modern, slim line bespoke architectural glazing solutions, we help clients identify the right products for their project, consulting on the design and installation of frameless glass sliding doors and minimalist architectural glazing systems.

    We are sole UK distributors and partners for some of the World’s leading manufacturers of structural glazing systems including Vida International and AllSkin. We are also suppliers of Raynaers Hi Finity frameless, minimalist glass sliding doors.

    For commercial projects we provide a whole host of modern, minimalist sliding glass systems including doors, windows, facades, walkways and staircases.

    If you have a project which requires the latest in contemporary architectural glazing design, call Melaway Glass Associates on 01932 355046 and let us identify the bespoke solution for you.